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Dr. Drew: Let's Talk About ... Pain?









Sexpert extraordinaire Dr. Drew Pinsky was on the Hill today talking about something decidedly unsexy: pain.

The good doctor was in the House, and the Senate, to educate staffers on the need for a more systematic approach to pain management.

“The part of it I’m pimping is a more sophisticated approach to management of pain and trauma,” the silver fox told Politico. (No lie, OK Magazine named him one of their top 10 gray renards, according to his bio.)

Also on the panel was Will Rowe, chief executive of the American Pain Foundation. Pain, he said, affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined. It’s the top reason people head to the doctor.

He’s pushing H.R. 2994, the National Pain Care Policy Act of 2007, to improve pain research and public awareness.

Pain is extraordinarily difficult to treat because it’s a brain phenomenon, Pinsky said. It’s not a tumor or an infection and it can’t be cut out or irradiated. It’s all in your head.

“It doesn’t exist, but it is the source of human suffering,” Pinsky said.

How’s that for meta?

And of course, no interview with Dr. Drew could be complete without asking about "Loveline," his long-running radio show. How did he feel talking to a room full of staffers young enough to have grown up getting some of their earliest sex advice from him?

“Let’s see if they have any questions,” he said.

Sadly, the questions were all pain, no pleasure.

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