Doyle, Cieslewicz Celebrate Obama Victory

This story was written by Carolyn Potts, Badger Herald
Gov. Jim Doyle thanked Sen. Barack Obama Tuesday night for the inspiration he brought to the Badger State after winning Wisconsin's Democratic primary.

About 300 Obama supporters gathered at the Great Dane Brewing Pub to cheer on their Democratic winner. Followers filtered in around 8 p.m. to watch the results of the Wisconsin primary, mingling with other supporters and enjoying the Pub's unique brews.

Doyle's speech expressed the enthusiasm he feels for the candidate he has supported since earlier this year. He emphasized Wisconsin's influential role in the presidential primaries and the changes that Obama and the state can make together.

"We have been part of a movement that has opened up American politics, that has said to everybody you have a chance, that through hard work and applying yourself this is going to be a country looking to the future," Doyle said. "It is one that says everybody has the opportunity to reach their full potential."

Doyle shared his appreciation of Wisconsin voters, thanking them for their response to the inspiration Obama has brought to the state.

"In this election, we in Wisconsin have changed the course of American history," Doyle said. "We are the state when this is all over that decided who the next Democratic nominee will be and who the next Democratic president will be."

The crowd that gathered to rejoice in Obama's victory over Sen. Hillary Clinton was very excited to see that their candidate had taken the state by almost 10 to one, according to Mayor Dave Cieslewicz.

"We're excited," Obama supporter Patrick Rudd said. "We were at the rally last week, and it was really cool to see it come through full force. You go to the rally and see him get the crowd all fired up and then come here Tuesday after voting and see the results. It's great."

Many Obama supporters at the party said they felt the senator would bring about great change and improvement for the United States. UW freshman Sam Ryan said Obama's selflessness shows in his campaign.

"[Clinton's] plan is just that we need fiscal discipline, whereas Obama's plan is ... a more appropriate solution," said Obama supporter Joe Shumow. "More fiscal discipline is just not enough."

Obama fans at the Great Dane were there in celebration of the hard work that went into the Obama campaign and the success that resulted from their efforts.

"I have been working on the campaign all day and this weekend," Ryan said. "I came because it was just time to relax and watch the results."
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