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"Downton Abbey" returns with more drama, plot twists

Drama, romance and new plot twists abound when "Downton Abbey" makes it season 5 premiere on Sunday.

The series, which airs on PBS, comes to America after airing the U.K., so dedicated viewers have had to steer clear of the Internet to avoid any major plot spoilers if they planned to watch it in real time in America.


In season 5, things pick up in 1924 with Ramsey McDonald being elected as prime minister, which means the Crawley family members fear more change is on the horizon.

"There was a real concern that a socialist government would tax the gentry to extinction," Hugh Bonneville told The New York Post. "Or be as radical as what had happened in Russia four years previously, in terms of the expulsion of that strata of society. Robert is absolutely obsessed that the estate is about to be ravaged."

We'll learn more about Lady Mary's (Michelle Dockery) love life and the fate of Lady Edith's baby (Laura Carmichael) as the season develops.

"At the end of season 4 you learn that she's going to bring her daughter back to the estate," Carmichael said earlier this week. "She's going to bring her to the Drewe family, who are going to adopt her as an orphan. Edith has told this lie that she knew her mother and she's passed away. So yeah, she's put herself in a difficult situation."

Allen Leech, who plays Tom Branson on the show, chimed in on his character -- the former chauffeur-turned-key-Downton resident, saying, "I believe he needs to find love, and he needs to find acceptance from that family for that person that he loves. Because I think Tom's place now is at the Abbey. I think it's his home."

"Downton Abbey" season 5 premieres Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on PBS.

Watch a trailer below:

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