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Teen with Down syndrome goes viral for his homecoming "proposal" — but the love story doesn't end there

Teen with Down syndrome makes viral homecoming "proposal"
Teen with Down syndrome makes viral homecomin... 02:41

Last week, 19-year-old David Cowan went viral for asking his girlfriend to homecoming while she was cheering at a football game in Florida. Both Cowan and his 18-year-old girlfriend Saris Marie Garcia have Down syndrome, and the video of the two lovebirds melted hearts across the nation.

Cowan marched up to Garcia during the Lake Brantley High School football game, got down on one knee and presented her with flowers and balloons. He kissed her hand and then held up a sign: "Will you be my sunshine?" The crowd went wild and so did Garcia — she could not believe her boyfriend's surprise. 

But the grand gestures did not end there. The couple attended the homecoming dance at Cowan's school, Seminole High School, Sanford, Florida. During the dance, the principal got up on stage and announced the couple.

Cowan's "proposal" video for homecoming went viral and he and Garcia were honored at the dance. @saris.marie.model and @davidcowan_1234

"The couple I'm about to bring out is not just known at Seminole High School, they are known now the nation over," the principal said as Cowan and Garcias took the stage and the crowed erupted in cheers. 

The principal is right — Cowan and Garcia did become known nationwide after the "proposal" video went viral. But their love extends far past the homecoming dance.

OMG this video from our school principal has made my night unforgettable. Thank you Seminole High School. #daveeast

Posted by David Cowan on Saturday, September 28, 2019

They met when they were 3 years old in speech therapy, Garcia's mom, Wanda Cruz told CBS News. A few years later, they ended up at the same school — and although both families eventually moved to different areas, they kept in touch. "As they got older, their relationship grew — and that's when they expressed their feelings and showed how much they care for each other," Cruz said.

Both students participate in many after school activities, including the Special Olympics. They practice several of the same sports — like swimming and surfing — which allows them to spend time together after school.

Garcia is also a model and has walked in fashion shows across the U.S. She even walked the catwalk in New York City and Cowan was there to show his support. They do everything together: travel, celebrate birthdays and of course, go to dances.

Cruz described the couple's relationship as "genuine and sincere" and said they are inseparable. Cowan and Garcia certainly have a love story for the ages. And like all good love stories, they will continue to inspire others — long after the homecoming dance. 

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