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Down syndrome couple gets their happily ever after

Until recently, Tim Harris was the only restaurant owner in the country with Down syndrome. For the last five years he has lived for his business
Historic roadside restaurant plans to stop taking orders 02:40

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico --What makes Tim's Place restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico so special is that it is, indeed, Tim's Place.

Tim talks with customers at Tim's Place CBS News

Tim Harris is the only restaurant owner in the country with Down syndrome. For the last five years he has lived for his business, which is why his customers were shocked when Tim announced recently that he'd be closing.

"My customers cry a lot into my arms," he explained.

So what drives a man to give up a job he loves more than anything? A girl he loves more than anything, Tiffani Johnson.

They met at a Down syndrome convention. Tim was speaking, and Tiffani was stalking. She was too scared to go talk to him, because she'd never met a guy like Tim.


Tiffani said it was the weirdest feeling. "I think I got hit by the love bug."

Eventually, Tim got bit by it too. He got down on one knee, and asked Tiffani to be his girlfriend.

He made her his steady and decided to move to Denver to be closer to her. Tim plans to open a new restaurant there, but it's still going to be hard leaving what he knows.

He cries every time he thinks about it.

"It's incredible to watch. He's deeply grieving about the idea of this transition, while at the same time being as excited as I've ever seen him about the possibility of being with Tiffani," said Tim's father, Keith.

Tim and Tiffani

"Every time I feel sad, my girlfriend makes me feel a lot happier," Tim said. "[When I look into her eyes], I see love. I see joy. And I see that I have a future here."

Why on earth do we call them disabled, when on the important things they can be so much more able than the rest of us.

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