Dougherty siblings each get 35 years for Georgia bank robbery

Lee Grace Dougherty, Ryan Edward Dougherty and Dylan Dougherty Stanley.
Lee Grace Dougherty, Ryan Edward Dougherty, and  Dylan Dougherty Stanley.
Lee Grace Dougherty, Ryan Edward Dougherty and Dylan Dougherty Stanley

(CBS/AP) VALDOSTA, Ga. - A federal judge sentenced the Florida trio known as the Dougherty siblings, accused in a cross-country crime spree that included a bank robbery in Georgia and a shootout with Colorado police, to more than 35 years in jail.

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Senior Judge Hugh Lawson sentenced Ryan Dougherty, Lee Grace Dougherty and Dylan Dougherty Stanley to identical sentences for their role in the Georgia robbery.

Lawson went beyond normal sentencing guidelines, saying that even though the trio was young and impulsive, the "escapade" could not be condoned.

"Let me say this - this was a crazy dangerous thing," Lawson said from the bench. "I just think it is a miracle that no one was killed."

Ryan Dougherty protested the judge's decision and called it rash and "not in line with the crimes I've committed."

Lawson sentenced each of the siblings to 35 years and 8 months. But the judge also sentenced the trio to five years of supervised release after their prison sentences.

They've also pleaded guilty to Colorado charges stemming from their capture in August 2011. Ryan Dougherty got 18 years, Lee Grace Dougherty received 24 years and Dylan Dougherty Stanley got 32 years for those charges.

They still faces charges in Florida for allegedly shooting at an officer during a high-speed chase.

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