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Dougherty siblings chase video released by police in Fla.

Dougherty siblings chase video released by police in Fla.
Ryan Edward Dougherty, Lee Grace Dougherty, Dylan Dougherty Stanley AP

(CBS/AP) ATLANTA - The Dougherty siblings, who are accused of opening fire at a Florida officer and then robbing a bank in Georgia, escaped police pursuit after shooting out the officer's tire at a convenience store parking lot, according to dash-cam video released Monday by Florida authorities.

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"I can't go any farther," said Zephyrhills Police Officer Kevin Widner, who was forced to pull to the side of the road after chasing the white sedan. Authorities believe the car was carrying 21-year-old Ryan Edward Dougherty, 26-year-old Dylan Dougherty Stanley and 29-year-old Lee Grace Dougherty.

The manhunt for the three started Aug. 2 when Widner tried to pull the car over for speeding. This led to a 5-mile chase at speeds up to 100 mph. Police say at least two people in the car fired 20 or more gunshots at Widner, who was not injured and did not return fire.

A few hours after the chase, three people wearing masks charged into a bank in Valdosta, Ga. about 210 miles north. One of the robbers had an AK-47 assault rifle while another was photographed by a security camera waving a machine pistol, the FBI said. The robbers fired shots into the ceiling, then fled with an undisclosed amount of money in a white sedan similar to the Subaru in the Florida case.

Police have posted photos on electronic billboards across the Southeast of the three suspects.

Pasco County Sheriff's spokesman Doug Tobin said Monday that authorities also received a tip that one of the suspects had at one time lived at a home in Zephyrhills atop an underground bunker. He said narcotics investigators checked out the home and bunker - three large, steel cargo containers buried underground and wired for electricity - but found no drugs or sign of any of the three.

"The only connection is one of the Dougherty brothers did come up in a report as a person who possibly did live there at one point," said Tobin.

The siblings' mother, Barbara Bell, told the Associated Press on Friday she hoped the three would surrender without bloodshed.

"Although they've done some very bad things, no one has been physically injured yet. I would encourage my children to turn themselves in," she said in the interview.

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