D'ough! N.J. Police Pursue Thieves Buying Pizza with Bogus $100s

The Peruvian Counterfeit Task Force executed two search warrants on target locations inside Peru, resulting in the arrests of five suspects and the seizure of $8.4 million in counterfeit $100 dollar notes. Photo courtesy of the U.S. Secret Service.
U.S. Secret Service
Counterfeit Cash (WCBS)

VINELAND, N.J. (CBS/AP) There's either a very cerebral criminal ring operating in southern New Jersey... or a bunch of crooks with an unlimited appetite for pizza.

Police in Vineland, about 45 miles from Atlantic City, are searching for suspects who have been paying pizza deliverymen with counterfeit $100 bills.

Fake dough.

The Daily Journal of Vineland and The Press of Atlantic City report a number of recent cases are believed to be related. The latest occurred on Sunday, with two others a week before that.

In one case, ink on one of the bogus bills ran after getting wet. The paper also appeared different from the type on which real currency is printed.

Some of the bills were smudged, too.

The deliverymen may have to start showing up with real cardboard, instead of pizza that just tastes like cardboard, in order to crack the case.