Double-dose of amazing music to make your week better

(CBS News) So as I mentioned before, your blogger here has been away on vacation and has come back to a lot of amazing stuff just begging to be posted. So let's up the effort to get you the best of what's on the Internet with a double-dose of music. Starting things off, we've got YouTube user KurtHugoSchneider doing a "Call Me Maybe" / "Payphone" mashup (featuring Jessica Jarrell, James Alan and Jake Broido).

KurtHugoSchneider has been featured here on The Feed many times, most recently with a musical medley of Maroon 5, and never fails to disappoint with their upbeat and fun takes on popular songs. Props go out to them from all of us here at The Feed for yet another amazing job!

And to give this post that "whip cream and cherry on top" feel, we've got a stunning music remix of legendary painter and television personality, Bob Ross, done by the Symphony of Science in conjuction with PBS Digital Studios below as a follow-up to their previous viral video smash hit of Mister Rogers.