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Double dose of adorable overload red panda cubs

(CBS News) While we have featured a wide variety of animals here on The Feed (a large portion of which are cats, because, hey, it's the Internet), I can't recollect posting any videos involving red pandas... until now. Today I've got two cute videos of red panda cubs starting with the one above.

The adorable overload video was posted by YouTube user Mmovies21 who writes about it:

Red Panda at the Maruyama Zoo in Hokkaido, Japan.

Twin Red Panda (female) that was born on July 20, 2012 at the Maruyama Zoo.

Their names are [Kin] & [Gin].

They are three months old.

And the second dose is coming right up below in the form of a video posted by the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden of a 3-month-old red panda cub playing around (and biting his mother's tail). Two great animal antics clips that are sure to have you "oohing" and "ahhing" all week.

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