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Double Death For Vampire Killer

A confessed vampire cult killer from western Kentucky is getting two death sentences for killing a Florida couple. The judge also wants more information about the case.

Friday morning, 17-year-old Rod Ferrell of Murray, Ky., was sentenced to the electric chair. He had pleaded guilty to killing Wendorf and Naoma Queen on Nov. 25, 1996, when he and three members of his blood-sucking cult came to Florida from Kentucky to help the couple's teen-age daughter, Heather, run away. He's the first of several teens to face trial for the killings.

Circuit Judge Jerry Lockett also says he has questions about Heather's possible involvement. After the killings, she fled her home with Ferrell and the other teens, but the grand jury refused to indict her.

On Friday, Lockett suggested to prosecutor Brad King that the grand jury be reconvened to hear from new witnesses.

To Ferrell, Lockett said, "I think you are a disturbed young man. I think your family failed you. I think society failed you."

During the sentencing hearing, testimony indicated that Ferrell's mother, Sondra Gibson, had introduced her son to the occult and shared in his practice of vampirism.

"I think Rod Ferrell's mother should be [on] trial for some of this," Lockett added.

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