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"Doonesbury" Forecasts Obama Victory

Newspaper editors are considering how to deal with a "Doonesbury" comic strip, scheduled to run the day after the election, which proclaims Barack Obama the winner, the AP reports. Creator Garry Trudeau sent his week's worth of comic strips to newspapers who syndicate his work and the one slated to run on Wednesday features a group of soldiers celebrating an Obama victory.

Trudeau told the AP he would have considered providing an alternate one reflecting a McCain victory but at the time he drew the strip Obama was well ahead and poll analysts were giving McCain less than a 4 percent chance of winning. "From a risk-assessment viewpoint, I felt comfortable with the odds,'' Trudeau told the AP in an e-mail. "The way I see it, if Obama wins, I'm in the flow and commenting on an extraordinary phenomenon. If he loses, there'll be such a national uproar that a blown call in a comic strip won't be much noticed. Besides, I'll be the one with the egg on my face not the editors."

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