Doolittle Fighting Subpoenas Issued In Abramoff Probe

Rep. John Doolittle (R-Calif.) told the Sacramento Bee that he is challenging the constitutionality of subpoenas issued to him and his staff as part of the Justice Department's probe into his ties to imprisoned former lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

The newspaper quotes Doolittle as saying that the legal fight, which neither Doolittle's attorney nor DOJ will discuss in detail, could delay the investigation by "one to two years on this issue to resolve."

"'My attorney tells me that this issue alone – the constitutional issue presented by those subpoenas, which as you know is also being litigated against the Justice Department by the U.S. House of Representatives – is going to take one to two years to resolve,' Doolittle said," the Bee reported.

Doolittle's home was raided earlier this year by FBI agents as part of the Justice Department's investigation. Doolittle's wife, Julie Doolittle, did consulting work for Abramoff while the California Republican wrote to federal officials on behalf of Abramoff's Indian gaming clients. The Doolittles have denied engaging in any improper or illegal activity, but House GOP leaders forced him to resign from the Appropriations Committee folllowing the raid.