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Don't Let The Door Hit You . . .

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi won’t miss those retiring Republicans — at all. 

“It makes me very happy to see my good and dear friends spending more time with their families,” she said last week, referring to the nine Republicans who have announced their retirements from the House so far this cycle. 

“I’m not sad to see them go.” 

Republicans have been running for the exits this year now that Democrats control the House and appear poised to maintain their majority in the next election. So far, only two House Democrats have announced retirements. 

Pelosi predicted that Democrats would benefit next year from having recruited strong candidates this year. She said this fall would be a critical time for both parties as top potential candidates decide whether they want to run. 

“We will have an A-team of candidates in a large number of states, to not only strengthen the majority we have but to increase it,” she said.