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"Don't die a virgin" sign stops traffic at gas station

A Madison, Wis., gas station sign board known for its quirky messages is causing a stir for its latest posting.

As CBS affiliate WISC-TV reports, a sign posted outside of the BP in the Willy Street neighborhood Thursday morning read: "DONT DIE A VIRGIN TERRORISTS ARE UP THERE WAITING FOR YOU."

The sign has drawn mixed reaction. Some find it humorous, but an image of the sign on Facebook drew some criticism, according to local resident Heather Murphy.

"The response to the picture that I saw this morning was 'Wow, what's going on with this? This is ridiculous,'" Murphy told WISC-TV's Mary Jo Ola. "And one of [the responses said] 'OK, so if I'm virgin, I'm going to get basically raped when I go to heaven?'"

The gas station owner wasn't the author of the sign. It was a man living nearby, Grant Zimmerman, who said he's been posting messages on the board for about two years.

Zimmerman said the owner loved the sign, but after receiving some complaints, the owner has told Zimmerman the sign has to go.