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Dont Ask, Dont Tell Under Fire At Harvard

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(UWIRE) -- The militarys Dont Ask, Dont Tell policy has received attention among Harvard students and administrators recently as some have publicly denounced the stance on disclosing sexual orientation.

This week, Harvard President Drew G. Faust had planned to criticize the policy concerning at the Universitys ROTC commissioning ceremony, but opted for a more subtle approach.

In late May, four Harvard students were arrested during a national tour to protest the policy.

At Harvard ROTC event, Faust plans to criticize Dont Ask, Dont Tell

On Wednesday morning, Faust will address the graduating members of Harvards Reserve Officer Training Corps in Tercentenary Theatre, and her pledge to use the speech to criticize the miltarys controversial Dont Ask, Dont Tell policy, which bars openly gay individual from serving in the armed forces, has already drawn fire from conservative and pro-military groups across the country.Full Story from The Harvard Crimson

In ROTC address, Harvard president mutes criticism of Dont Ask, Dont Tell

After pledging to address the militarys Dont Ask, Dont Tell policy in her speech at the ROTC commissioning ceremony this morning, University President Drew G. Faust shied away from directly mentioning the issue, opting instead to use more general language like principles of inclusion.Full Story from The Harvard Crimson

Four Harvard students arrested in gay rights protest

Four members of Harvards Right to Serve tour were arrested Wednesday morning at a military recruiting station in Portland, Maine on the charge of criminal trespassing.

The arrested members were Samantha G.M. Barnard 09, Robert J. Ross 09, Amary K. Wiggin 09, and Jacob P. Reitan, a Harvard Divinity School student who first conceived of the tour.Full Story from The Harvard Crimson

Harvard students touring to protest militarys Dont ask policy

When Harvard College LGBT Political Coalition administrative chair Clayton W. Brooks III 10 was 16, he said he wanted to show support for his country by serving in the U.S. Naval Academy. But he said he would not enlist as anything other than a gay man, and so a military policy barring openly homosexual or bisexual recruits kept him away.Full Story from The Harvard Crimson

Column: Why Harvard hates America

Any Harvard student with the balls to participate in the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) deserves our respect. Quite frankly, ROTC doesnt sound like a whole lot of fun.

For four years, cadets and midshipmen wake up obscenely early in order to trek to MIT and get yelled at by their instructors. Thats an indignity that Harvard usually reserves for accounting students. If you want to know what visceral discomfort looks like, watch a Harvard ROTC student shuffle across campus in his military uniform.FullColumn from The Harvard Crimson

Column: Harvard leftists shouldnt play politics with ROTC

Last year, with her schedule presumably packed with planning the details of her incipient administration, President-elect Drew G. Faust neglected to attend the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) commissioning ceremony.

This spring, however, she has indicated that she will grace the proceedings not only with her presence but also with a short sermon.

FullColumn from The Harvard Crimson

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