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Donnie Wahlberg uses Twitter to help fan find new kidney

Donnie Wahlberg attends the "Blue Bloods" screening on Sept. 22, 2010, in New York. Getty

(CBS/AP) BOSTON - Donnie Wahlberg's Twitter skills have helped find a kidney for an ailing fan from Nashville, Tenn.

"Basically, a few of my Twitter followers retweeted a blog (called 'Love Can Do Anything') about a fan named Bobbette who was in desperate need of a kidney transplant," he told the Boston Herald. "So I saw the tweet, read the link and then retweeted and asked for help."

According to the report, his tweet sparked a slew of calls to the Vanderbilt University Medical Center and one the callers was a match.

The fan, Bobbette Miller, is now scheduled for a transplant in June.

Wahlberg calls the success a team effort. The Boston native says it proves how valuable Twitter can be.

"It's a testament to the value of Twitter when used for more than telling people what one is eating for dinner or using it to sell products," he told the Herald.

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