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Donald Trump supporters start #TrumpCup movement to protest Starbucks

Some Starbucks customers are purposely giving baristas the name “Donald Trump” along with their order to force employees to say the president-elect’s name.

They’re calling it the #TrumpCup movement, and it’s picking up steam online.

The social media effort took off Friday — two days after cellphone video of a man yelling at a Starbucks employee at a chain near the University of Miami went viral. The man claims the female barista purposely took a long time to make his drink because he is white and voted for President-elect Donald Trump.

“I was not served coffee and they said names, and I was called names from college kids, horrible names and I got upset, and I was wrong for getting upset,” the man told CBS Miami. “But I didn’t deserve that discrimination or racism because of who I voted for.”

The Starbucks employee who was the target of the man’s tirade assured CBS Miami that wasn’t the case, and said she was “upset by his comments.” But that hasn’t stopped Trump supporters from taking a stand.

On Thursday, an avid Trump supporter posted a photo on Twitter of a Starbucks cup with the name “Trump” written in black marker. He instructed followers to “go to a Starbucks & tell them your name is Trump.”

The tweet was shared by more than 4,000 people, and #TrumpCup quickly became a top trending hashtag on Twitter, with more than 30,000 tweets as of Friday afternoon.

Trump supporters shared photos and videos of their own #TrumpCup experiences:

Others criticized the social media campaign — and pointed out the irony of the protesters continuing to buy Starbucks coffee.

Starbucks has not yet responded to CBS News’ request for comment.