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Trump claims black voters are coming back to the Republican Party in "record numbers"

President Trump launched his campaign initiative Black Voices for Trump in Georgia Friday, as he tries to make the case that his support among African-Americans is strong, despite low approval ratings. 

In his address, the president claimed African-Americans are coming back to the Republican Party in "record numbers," although the president gave no basis for that claim. Only 8% of black voters picked Mr. Trump in 2016, and his support among black voters was just 10% in a recent Quinnipiac poll. 

Mr. Trump made the case that Democrats are only interested in African-Americans for their votes every four years, saying they "don't fight" for the African-American community. Mr. Trump insisted he won't take those votes for granted. 

"They don't care. But we do," the president said. 

On Friday, Mr. Trump brought up one of his favorite lines from the 2016 campaign, when he asked black Americans, "what do you have to lose" by voting for him. It's a line he repeats often. 

"It wasn't part of the script. I do my best work off script," the president said Friday, adding, "I hate to say this, I also do my worst work." 

But the president also had impeachment on his mind, blasting Democrats for spending time on the inquiry instead of passing legislation. 

Before leaving the White House Friday, Mr. Trump told reporters he's not worried about the released deposition transcripts in the impeachment inquiry. As he landed in Georgia Friday, two more transcripts dropped. 

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