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Dominion Voting CEO responds to unfounded conspiracy theories about company

Dominion Voting CEO denies conspiracies
Dominion Voting Systems CEO: "People have been put into danger, all because of lies" | 60 Minutes 00:26

In an interview airing Sunday on 60 Minutes, the CEO of Dominion Voting Systems addressed numerous baseless claims levied against his company in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election.

"Were you associated with the late Hugo Chavez?" correspondent Anderson Cooper asked as he began his line of questioning.

"Absolutely not," CEO John Poulos said.

"Do you use a Venezuelan company's software that's been used to steal elections in other countries?" Cooper asked.

"Absolutely not," Poulos said. "Anderson, I can, I can cut all of this short. We were founded in Toronto, which is where my family was from. And there's nothing to do with Venezuela."

"Can you flip votes in the computer system?" Cooper asked. "Can you add votes that did not exist?"

"Absolutely not," Poulos again responded, this time with a laugh.

Days after the 2020 presidential election, lawyers supporting then-President Donald Trump began spreading unsubstantiated claims that Dominion Voting Systems, an American company, had rigged the election. They said Dominion was linked to Venezuela and that its machines and software switched millions of votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

For Sunday's report, Poulos showed 60 Minutes how his voting machines work and revealed the threat that his own family and employees live under to this day.
"People have been put into danger," Poulos told Cooper, "all because of lies."

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