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DOJ forces Texas pharmacy to stop mixing drugs until inspection

DALLAS -- A Dallas-area pharmacy facing government allegations of making contaminated drugs in unsanitary conditions will hire an independent expert to monitor operations.

Last year, CBS News discovered that Downing Labs sent millions of dollars in medications to patients who didn't order them. The lab was also investigated for unsanitary conditions.

On Monday, the Department of Justice filed an injunction that forces Downing Labs to stop mixing drugs until an outside expert inspects its facility.

Federal investigations underway into compounding pharmacies

Downing Labs, pending a judge's approval, will hire an outside expert to inspect its facility, make recommendations for improvement and report to the Food and Drug Administration.

Records show Ashley Downing, who co-owns the compounding pharmacy, agreed to the measures in December.

Downing Labs, in a statement late Monday, said it's worked with the FDA to enable it to resume production of compounded sterile medication. The company says it's invested in equipment and personnel and implemented procedures to improve its drug-making process.