Dogs bitten by rattlesnake in California

Dogs Ginger and Dale were bitten by a rattlesnake.


SAN BERNARDINO -- Two dogs in California are lucky to be alive after they were bitten by a rattlesnake in their owner's backyard in California.

CBS Los Angeles reports that Shelly Burnett and her grandkids heard her two dogs Ginger and Dale barking frantically in her yard. They rushed outside knowing something must be wrong.

Burnett lives in what she calls "rattlesnake alley" in San Bernardino. When they came across her barking dogs, they realized what the commotion was. The dogs were barking at a rattlesnake.

"I ran and got a trash can and scooped the snake up, but before I could, Dale got bit right in the nose," Burnett told CBS Los Angeles.

Both of the dogs ended up being bitten. Burnett rushed them to the vet. While both dogs survived, a vial of rattle anti-venom costs $600. Burnett had to fork the costs.

"I had to do it. I mean, they're my babies," she said.

One of Burnett's dogs bitten by a rattlesnake.

Thankfully, only Dale needed the anti-venom. Ginger's bite was not as severe. Burnett created a GofundMe page to raise money for the dog's medication.

CBS Los Angeles reports that the veterinarian said there is a rattlesnake immunization shot available for dogs that costs just $25. It is best given yearly during rattlesnake season, which is occurring now through October.

Both dogs spent the night at an animal hospital, but are expected to be fine.

Animal Control picked up the rattlesnake.