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Dog rescued at sea 3 weeks after Japan quake

One more survivor in Japan has been rescued.

The Japanese coast guard on Friday rescued a dog floating in the debris off the coast of Kesennuma, northern Japan. It's unclear if the canine, which was scrambling on the roof of a house that had been washed away, had been at sea for the entire three weeks since the devastating earthquake and tsunami.

The rescue did not come easy. After coast guard rescuers descended from a helicopter onto the house, the dog retreated under the roof and disappeared. The rescuers were unable to lure the dog out but according to NTV, the canine was eventually pulled to safety by a coast guard boat that relieved the helicopter, which was running low on fuel.

The rescue came as Japanese and U.S. military ships and helicopters trolled Japan's tsunami-ravaged coastline looking for bodies. It was part of an all-out three-day search that could be the last chance to find those swept out to sea nearly three weeks ago.

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More than 16,000 are still missing after the disaster, which officials fear may have killed some 25,000 people.

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