Dog owner accused of ordering attack on Wyoming park ranger

Buffalo Bill State Park in Cody, Wyo., site of an alleged dog attack on a park ranger
(CBS/AP) CODY, Wyo. - A chocolate Lab named "Rampage" reportedly lived up to his name.

The dog is being considered a deadly weapon in Cody, where a man faces an aggravated assault charge for allegedly commanding the animal to attack a Wyoming park ranger.

The Powell Tribune reports that a ranger at Buffalo Bill State Park was cut and bruised by the dog when the ranger tried to interview 31-year-old dog owner Benjamin B. Daniels in September. Daniels allegedly smelled of alcohol and was trying to drive his Jeep out of a muddy patch.

Daniels allegedly yelled "Get him, Rampage," and the dog attacked. Another ranger used pepper spray on Daniels and handcuffed him.

At the time, Daniels was free on bond on an unrelated charge. Daniels is being held on that charge and has pleaded not guilty to the dog-related assault.