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Dog missing for 3 years returns to Calif. - from Fla.

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. A dog missing for three years was returned to his rightful home in Huntington Beach, Calif. Sunday, CBS Los Angeles reports.

How Smoke ended up in Florida is anyone's guess.

Eric Hough wasn't all that interested in finding out where his dog went but the two greeted each other with lots of kisses.

Smoke disappeared three years ago when Hough was living in Echo Park. Hough reported him stolen.

Last month, Smoke turned up in a Florida shelter.

The staff discovered Smoke was microchipped -- Hough's name came up, but not his new address or telephone number. "Always use microchips with your pets, and never give up hope, we did it, we bought Smoke home," said Hough.

Good Samaritans worked at tracking Hough down and reunited him with Smoke. Non-profit groups -- namely "Missing Pet Partnership" and "Kindred Spirits" split the costs, including airfare.

Hough tells CBS2 that Smoke is getting used to his new home and dining on an old favorite -- teriyaki chicken.

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