Dog makes Houdini-like escape from vet's office

Dog German Shepherd looking towards the camera. The photo has an extremely shallow depth of field.

MEDFORD, Ore. - A German shepherd named Jack is credited with three late-night escape attempts from a Medford, Ore., veterinarian's office. Last week, he made it.

The Medford Mail Tribune reports the crafty canine managed to pull open his kennel, trip the dead bolt on the clinic's back door and pull down the handle to get outside.

He set off three motion-detector alarms on the way and managed to rip open four bags of food.

The dog roamed seven miles from the vet's office, but only made it home when animal control officers took him to a shelter where he was reunited with his worried family.

Veterinarian Shannon Sierra calls the dog's recovery from flu-like symptoms "impressive."

The Mail Tribune reports that there is now a new policy at the animal hospital.

"We now have individual locks on each cage," Sierra told the newspaper, adding the new measures should thwart the escape.