Dog and cat show off their talent in two fun clips

(CBS News) It's that point in the week where the glow from the prior weekend has faded, and the upcoming weekend is impossibly far away. Which, to me, means we need to put up something light and fun fast on to put a bounce in your step. So why not something that has a lot of "bounce" in it? Watch a very frisky Border collie show off a series of crazy tricks in the animal antics video above.

That is one extremely talented and active dog there! The super cute video was posted by YouTube user ZolzaBC who writes about it:

Border collie Zoe performing amazing dog tricks, movie made using Canon 7D by Alicja ZmysBowska.

And while this cat may not have nearly the bounce or flash of our Border collie above, she does have one "trick" up her paw captured on tape by YouTube user TheFlyx34. Could this be a form of feline protest against technology? Watch and decide for yourself (probably not).