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Does Monica Get It?

There was something eerily familiar about the scene last night - on another network.

Monica Lewinsky poured her heart out to an older woman who asked questions specifically designed to get her to reveal even more while she recorded the whole conversation.

This time, Monica Lewinsky's confidante was not Linda Tripp. But your reporter couldn't help wondering. Is anybody learning anything from this episode?

I don't mean learning who did what with whom-- about that, we have all learned plenty. I mean that, over a year after the Lewinsky matter became public, few of us seem to have learned much about human nature, personal communication, self-worth and dignity.

For over a year, prosecutor Kenneth Starr required Lewinsky's silence until now as part of her immunity deal. Last night's interview, and the book by Andrew Morton that goes on sale today, are part of an attempt to set the record straight - as she sees it.

Surely Americans have a better chance to understand what Monica Lewinsky has been through. But does she understand what the country has been through? That's harder to say - and she's given little evidence so far.

Last night, television viewers saw a clip of Lewinsky in a high school production of the play The Music Man. One number from that show is called "The Sadder But Wiser Girl." The Monica Lewinsky Americans are seeing today is clearly sadder - we can only hope she's wiser.

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