Does Arrest No. 154 Make Paul Baldwin a Career Criminal?

Paul Baldwin
Paul Baldwin (CBS)

KITTERY, Maine (CBS/AP) A New Hampshire man has been arrested 153 times...oops, better make that 154 -- and now he's Maine's problem.

The Portsmouth Herald reported on its website Tuesday that 49-year-old Paul Baldwin, of Portsmouth, N.H., was arrested Monday in Kittery, Me., for allegedly stealing beer from a convenience store.

As for priors...let the record show that Baldwin's criminal record already included eight trespass notices, 75 citations, four Social Security aliases and convictions for thefts, receiving stolen property, arson and criminal mischief.

That's enough, don't you think?

Police Chief Ed Strong said this time surveillance images showed Baldwin stealing two 18-packs and a 12-pack of beer. Strong said Baldwin was charged with theft and -- perhaps not surprisingly -- for failing to appear in court on outstanding warrants.