Dodgers Talk With Davey Johnson

Los Angeles Dodgers general manager Kevin Malone met with Davey Johnson in New York on Saturday to discuss the team's managerial job, a day after getting together with Kevin Kennedy.

Malone said as of late Saturday, Johnson and Kennedy are the only candidates to succeed Glenn Hoffman.

"We spent most of the day together like we did with Kevin yesterday," Malone said. "It was a good situation where we could spend some quality time together. It was a good day, a productive day."

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  • Accompanying Malone were assistant general managers Ed Creech and Bill Geivett.

    Malone said he hoped to make a decision in the near future, although major moves aren't supposed to be announced during the World Series.

    "We don't really have a time frame, we could or should be in a position to make a decision by the middle or late in the week," Malone said.

    Malone said he plans on discussing the matter with Dodgers president Bob Graziano upon his return to Los Angeles on Monday.

    Johnson formerly managed the New York Mets, Cincinnati Reds and Baltimore Orioles, while Kennedy managed the Texas Rangers and Boston Red Sox. Neither was employed by a big-league team this year.

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