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Dodgers Owners Headed Toward Divorce

If you're a fan of epic battles in baseball, there's another one brewing -- but it's not on the diamond. It's the divorce case involving the very wealthy owners of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Frank and Jamie McCourt.

CBS News correspondent Bill Whitaker reported it once seemed that things couldn't be sweeter for the McCourts, who ran one of baseball's legendary teams. Frank owns the Dodgers, and Jamie was the chief executive officer, that is, until this week, when, after an alleged affair with her bodyguard, Frank fired his wife of 30 years.

Jamie then fired back at Frank, suing for divorce.

Tina Schuchman, a divorce attorney, said the McCourts' estate is worth billions.

Whitaker said Frank and Jamie are battling not just over the baseball team, but four Southern California mansions, including two in Malibu, a Cape Cod estate, a condo in Vail, Colo., and a Montana ranch.

John Ireland, a 710 am ESPN sports talk host, said, "We're dealing with two people that are in one of these divorces that is just head on. They're just coming at each other with guns blazing. ... There's no amicable ending in sight."

Jamie wants the Dodgers, Whitaker reported, but Frank says they're not for sale. Jamie also wants all the houses, and now that she's unemployed, she's asking for alimony --$488,000 a month.

Bert Fields, an attorney for Jamie McCourt, told CBS News, "They lived on a very lavish scale, the law says she's entitled to the same kind of standard of living she had during the marriage. There's nothing greedy about that."

Whittaker remarked the drama of the World Series may be matched by the McCourts' off-screen play, However, who are the biggest winners in this game?

Schuchman said, "The lawyers will get a pretty penny out of this one."

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