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Man on life support after fight at Dodger Stadium

Man on life support after Dodger Stadium fight
Man on life support after Dodger Stadium figh... 01:42

A 47-year-old man was hospitalized after an argument turned violent outside Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, police said. Christel Reyna said her husband, Rafael Reyna, sustained a skull fracture and is on life support following the encounter in a parking lot Friday evening.

Police said a male suspect punched Rafael Reyna, who fell to the ground following the game against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Police are investigating the encounter as an assault. No arrests have been made.

The suspect may have driven off in a white SUV, possibly a Toyota 4Runner, according to investigators. The Dodgers released a statement saying the team was cooperating with police.

Christel Reyna said she was on the phone with her husband, a father of four, as he was leaving the stadium. She said she heard a woman and a man arguing with him.

"The next thing I heard was like a bat sound. Now I know that was him hitting the ground," Reyna told CBS Los Angeles. "Why does everything have to turn to violence?"

In 2011, a fight at Dodger Stadium left a San Francisco Giants fan with permanent brain injuries. Two men pleaded guilty to the attack and were sentenced to federal prison. They were also ordered to pay a share of the $18 million judgment against the Dodgers. The attack drew national attention and led to increased security at the stadium.

Reyna questioned why the stadium is still unsafe after the 2011 attack. "We're a huge Dodgers fan family. Is this how they treat their fans?"

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