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Dodd Knocks Richardson Over Troop Levels

Move over, Joe Biden: Chris Dodd would like to offer two cents about Bill Richardson.

Dodd's campaign released a statement critiquing what it saw as bad math by the New Mexico governor, reports's Joy Lin. Seizing upon today's launch of "," an official website endorsed by the Richardson campaign, the Dodd camp pointed out that just last week Richardson suggested that he would keep some troops in Iraq to protect the American embassy.

The statement also noted that Richardson said he would support leaving up to 5,000 troops in Iraq in July.

"When does 'zero' = up to 5000?" asked the Dodd campaign.

"There's nothing new here," Richardson spokesperson Tom Reynolds told CBS News. "We have consistently said we would leave a Marine contingent to protect the embassy. That is different from residual combat troops."

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