Document Suggests Easy Alternative To "Dirty Bomb"

(Abu Aswad al Faqir)
A document that discussed ways to produce the same kind of damage that can be caused by a dirty bomb has been distributed on several militant Islamist Internet forums today. The recycled document traced radioactive pollution incidents that occurred around the world between 1945 and 1987. The author, going by the name of "Abu Aswad al Faqir," noted that such pollution has always been the result of incidents taking place at non-nuclear sites but still caused a great deal of devastation. A Faqir gave the example of an incident of radioactive contamination that occurred in Goiânia in central Brazil in 1987 when an old radiation source was taken from an abandoned hospital, resulting in a number of deaths.

Due to the difficulty of acquiring "dirty bombs," the author suggested the militants should consider other sources of radioactive materials such as non-nuclear sites with less security. He explained that such material could be found in advanced explosive-detection systems, fire detection systems, medical equipment and some equipment used in agriculture. As to where to strike, al Faqir proposed Las Vegas, which he described as "the city of gambling and prostitution" as well as New York, London, Sydney, Tokyo, Moscow and other major tourists sites and business capitals around the world.