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Doctors and the Net

The AMA and Intel have come up with new secure technology to protect the privacy of patient information on the Internet. What it means is that your doctor will soon be able to get on the obtain lab results, send prescriptions to pharmacies...access records and communicate with patients. All of that could happen...if only doctors would use it. Most don't. Why?

"You know they're really busy, they don't have time to go back to a desk to boot up a computer and sit down and log in and have tons of information come screaming at them and then sort through hundreds of pages of email like you do."
Intel researcher Eric Dishman is part of a team studying what doctors do and how technology could make it easier. It is do-able. In San Mateo, pediatrician Alan Greene keeps parents up to date with his own web site,

"I also do live chats an hour a day. So people can be in touch with me there, involved in discussion boards, bulletin boards and write in depth articles. So they've had a chance to read my thoughts on a topic before they even come into the office."
Dr. Greene, recently honored by Intel as an Internet hero, expects technology soon will allow him to examine some patients over the web..

"Absolutely. Real diagnosis, real examination, real treatment, will happen on the screen.

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