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Do You Need a Vacation?

How badly do you really need a vacation from work? Take this quiz and find out. Submit your answers, then watch where the ship above winds up. The closer to paradise it goes, the more you need a vacation.

When was your last vacation?
Last summer
A year ago
Sometime in the '90s
I don't know. But everybody was doin' The Hustle

How do you define "vacation"?
A period of respite from something
A time of rest and relaxation
A chance to go somewhere
Escape from the dark place

How would you describe your disposition these days?
Pleasant as usual
More inclined to bad moods
Slightly testy
*?@ * that @#&**^# of a &%$# and that donkey you call your mother!

Which answer best describes your gastro-intestinal condition these days?
Occasionally agitated
Often upset
El Nino

Hold up one hand. How many fingers do you see?

How long is your attention span these days?
Hours on end
About an hour
Maybe 15 minutes
What was the question again?

What makes you cry?
My workload
My nasty boss
The loss of my personal life
The Travel Channel

How often do you lose a night's sleep over work?
During the rare job crisis
Too often
ZZZZZZZ Huh? Wha???

When you do sleep, what do you dream about?
Someone special from Baywatch
Taking the French final in my underwear after a whole semester of cutting class
Moving a file in Windows Explorer from my 'A' drive to my 'C' drive. Over and over and over. . .
My nasty boss dressed as Jason from the Friday The 13th movies.

In recent days, which of the following have you found yourself doing?
Playing the License Plate Game on my drive to work
Asking my assistant if she has any of those little bags of peanuts
Using my seat cushion as a flotation device
Unthinkingly slathering coconut oil all over my nasty boss

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