Do Those Products Really Work?

We've all seen those television advertisements for products promising a cleaner house, a younger-looking face, and so many other things, all for very low prices.

But do those products perform as advertised?

The editors of Real Simple magazine decided to put some to the test, and ordered more than 40 to put through their paces.

The magazine's Kris Connell told co-anchor Hannah Storm Tuesday abut several that passed their tests.

Windstorm Vacuum Cleaner
The Windstorm is a lightweight, bag-less vacuum cleaner. It separates the dirt, forcing air to pass freely through the machine and depositing dirt in a clear dust case that empties easily. Because it's bag-less, there's none of that burnt dust smell created by vacuums with bags. The unit is lightweight enough to vacuum stairs easily and compact enough to lay almost flat, to easily get under couches and beds. The detachable unit enables you to get to upholstery easily, and attachments enable you to get to corners and even ceiling fans.
$55 (price subject to change with online offers),
Return policy: 30-day money-back guarantee, less shipping and handling.

Chef Reece Williams Batter Pro
This promises to batter all of your food in less than 10 seconds. Prepare 30 fresh fish sticks without ever touching raw food, batter 50 shrimp all at once for a party platter, or bread chicken strips for the entire family in seconds. The answer is the patented design that evenly breads and catches food on top of the sifting tray, while the extra breadcrumbs drain to the bottom. No messy bags and no waste. Whether it's pork chops, chicken wings, or vegetables, coating with almonds, cornmeal, or tempura, just fill, shake and flip, and you'll get it done in under ten seconds.
Return policy: Money-back guarantee for 30 days from date of shipment, less shipping and handling. Excludes all items that have been installed or used in any manner.