Do Something Different For Dad's Day Gifts

Erica Cerulo of Details Magazine
Rather than giving Dad another tie or a set of golf tees this Father's Day, why not try something a little different?

Erica Cerulo, an associated editor of Details magazine, stopped by The Early Show Monday to share some thoughts on alternatives to the usual items.

From a high-end week of racing behind the wheel of a racecar, to signing Dad up for beer club, Cerulo saved you some thinking if you're seeking alternative options.


Dads are our superheroes and they can do anything, right? Well, why not give dad a break this year with the services he secretly wants, but would never ask for?!:

  • A Lawn service will allow your dad to actually enjoy his Saturday, no matter how much he claims he doesn't mind pushing the mower.
  • Dad can rest easy with a membership to AAA. After all, does he REALLY want to change that flat tire on the side of a highway?
    AAA Package
  • And he would probably love that iPod you gave him for Christmas, and he would probably use it -- if he could just get it hooked up to his car for his morning commute. Best Buy sells an easy system to hardwire an iPod directly into his speaker system.
    iPod Installation-Best Buy
    iPod Touch-Apple


  • If your man is a "meat and potatoes" kind of guy, look into a steak-of-the-month club:
    Heartland Steaks has 3, 6 and 12 month clubs. Or you can go to Niman's Ranch ( and pick steak, lamb and pork gift sets fit for a king.
  • If seafood is up your guy's alley, why not go with a clam or lobster bake? Check out Fisherman's Fleet to order a clam or lobster bake that will be delivered right to your door.
    Lobster-Maine Lobster Direct
  • If your guys loves his brew, check out Beer on the Wall Beer of the Month Club. He can try out new brews for 3, 6, or 12 months, or try seasonal beers.
    Beer of the Month-Beer on the Wall


    Sure, you can get Dad something great when you have deep pockets, but what about the budget-conscious shopper looking for a low price gift? Fear not!

  • The LL Bean Duffel Bag is available in a multitude of sizes and colors. The medium bag is the perfect size and is easy to carry. And for $6 more, you can get it monogrammed for the dad in your life.
    Duffel Bag-LL Bean
  • A Croquet Set from Target is a classic that ensures all sorts of fun for you and your family in your own backyard. And at a price of $50 or less, it's a steal that's sure to be a hit.
    Croquet Set-Target
  • The Jesse James Dopp Kit Inspired by Jesse James, proprietor of West Coast Choppers and collector of vintage bikes. The ultimate gift of Kiehl's for dad this Father's Day, the kit contains Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash, "White Eagle" Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream, Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap, Facial Fuel Energizing Moisture Treatment, and a deluxe sample of Ultimate Strength Hand Salve.
    Gift Dop Kit


    What man doesn't like a fast car? If your guy has a need for speed, check out local driving schools to let him show his race car moves. If there are NASCAR events nearby, you can look into their track days, during which "Average Joes" get to drive real NASCARs. Also, lots of luxury vehicles, such as BMW and Mercedes, offer programs in which he'll learn performance driving skills. If you want an in-depth experience for Dad, check out full-fledged racing schools, such as Skip Barber Racing Schools.
    BMW Driving School
    Skip Barber Driving School