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Do-It-Yourself New Year's Eve Glam

Odds are you want to look red-carpet ready before the ball drops tonight.

If you don't want to go to the salon or cant' get there, fear not!

On "The Early Show" Friday, Style and beauty expert Jenn Falik offered some easy tips to help you get yourself all glammed up:

I wouldn't go cutting your hair 6 inches and getting a big tattoo before any big night out, but subtle enhancements, such as a faux glow or a new hair hue, can make all the difference in making you feel party-ready. I am all for a change that makes an impact, not a change that shocks. I think of it as an alternative to buying a new dress. Just do your research and read directions before doing any at-home glamour experiments, to make sure everything works out as planned!


Kelly Van Gogh Hair Colour Kit $35

If you want to up the drama for a night out, enhance your hair color. Just be sure to find a fool proof kit that is also going to leave hair nice and soft because you are going to be styling it afterwards.

This sophisticated at-home all over hair color system allows you to skip the salon and never look back. Kelly's proprietary cold pressed caviar oil delivery system is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, C, and D, and amino acids. As a result, it penetrates the hair shaft to seal the cuticle so that the color molecule stays intact and protected from environmental aggressors including caustic water. Combined with amino acids and keratin proteins, the formula replenishes weakened hair fibers and stimulates collagen to grow and strengthen hair. Available in ten shades, it also features ammonia alternative, MEA, which is very gentle on the hair. It is the most foolproof of all at-home hair kits- and the safest. Each kit is $35 and available at Space NK and


St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse Kit $65.00

This set includes everything you need for the perfect glow- and the damage control items you need to make it fool-proof. During the holiday season, I love it for my arms and legs- after all, if you are going strapless and short, you may need all the help you can get. It comes with a multi-use tan optimizing body polish, a moisturizer for dry areas to prepare the skin and also help to keep, the tan looking gorgeous for longer, Bronzing Lotion, Latex Gloves and a Buffing Mitt. The kit is available at


Urban Decay Lashes - $15

As they wrote in a New York Times article on Thursday, 'Like hemlines and cocktails, facial features go in and out of fashion, and right now, eyelashes are where it's at!" Five years ago, we were all talking about puffy pouts, but these days the focus has shifted to a fat, feathery eye fringe. As much as people tell us it is easy to put false lashes on- it really never seems to be. But once you find a set that you can apply easily, the amazing transformation that you see -- it really opens up the eyes and defines the entire face -- you will instantly realize why makeup artists swear by them.

These are so easy to apply that the founder's 8 year old son can even put them on her -- the reason being that they have an iridescent glue that is so easy to see when you are putting the lashes on, and then dries totally clear. Plus, the strips are perfectly shaped for flawless application. They have tons of dramatic options -- there is no subtly here -- but in New Year's Eve, that is a good thing! Urban Decay Lashes are $15 at Sephora stores and


OPI's "Black Shatter" Polish $8

If you want people to think you got a fancy professional manicure- and add some edge to your look (if you think your little black dress is too prim and proper, this is a way to make it less precious, nails are such a great statement accessory) try this revolutionary topcoat that creates a cracked/leopard pattern when applied over dried nail lacquer. It's $8.50 and is available at "Black Shatter" is also part of Katy Perry's OPI collection. Katy loves wacky nail designs and tweets pictures of her nail art -- including nails with Oompa Loompas, the face of her husband -- Russell Brand, cats, Union Jack and polka-dot manicures.


The Stila Virtual Makeover Tool is completely free and easy to use, this new feature on the Stila website lets you experiment with different looks, testing them out on a photo of yourself you can easily upload to the Stila website (or by using the sample model face.) You can select everything from eye shadow colors to lip gloss. So if you have a dark blue eye shadow in your makeup bag and hankering to wear it but not sure how to do it or how it will look on you, test it out virtually first and you can play around with different glosses and blush combos to figure out how you best want to round out the look. It is the best way to get inspiration for a new look and also the confidence to master it on yourself, no makeup artist required!

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