DNA Testing Links Calif. Man to "Offensive Material" (Really) in Woman's Water Bottle, Say Prosecutors

Michael Kevin Lallana (Orange County District Attorney's Office)
Michael Kevin Lallana Allegedly Ejaculated Into Co-worker's Water Bottle
Michael Kevin Lallana (Orange County District Attorney's Office)

SANTA ANA, Calif. (CBS/KCAL) This is anything but your typical DNA evidence case.

Prosecutors say they used DNA testing to connect Michael Kevin Lallana, a 31-year-old employee of a financial firm, to a rude, lewd crime -- putting an "offensive material" into a female co-worker's water bottle.

So you don't have to guess - that offensive material, they say, was semen, according to CBS affiliate KCAL.

The woman, unaware, reportedly drank from the tainted water bottle on two separate occasions, once in January, and again in April, after Lallana and the female worker were transferred from the Northwestern Mutual Mortgage Co. office in Newport Beach to its office in Orange County, the station reported.

The woman apparently got sick both times, and prosecutors say the second time she sent the bottle to a private lab for testing.

In June, results of the lab test confirmed what that "offensive material" was.

Prosecutors say Lallana was then connected to the incidents through DNA. He was arrested outside his home and later released on $500 bond, according to KCAL.

Lallana is charged with two misdemeanor counts of releasing an offensive material in a public place, as well as assault, and the charge of committing a crime for sexual gratification.

Arraignment is scheduled for Sept. 14.

Story contributed by CBS affiliate KCAL.