DIY Segway and Flower Pot Fridge... for science!

(CBS) - There are tons of things I've seen people create in their spare time. A soap box derby, some basic furniture, wood carvings, scenic dioramas... a Segway?

Yeah, I'd never know about someone making one from scratch, either. That is until I saw this video, check it out!

The homemade Segway was created by Petter Forsberg out of Sweden who writes that he has recently finished his Masters and is looking for work. You just got yourself a recommendation from us here at The Feed, Petter!

Next up is YouTube user "HouseholdHacker", whom we have previously posted about here at The Feed, showing how you can create your very own "flower pot fridge". It is a pretty cool video on cooling technology that you will definitely want to watch. All in all, a very scientific post so you can get your learn on!