Disturbing video emerges from Hungary refugee camp

ROSZKE, Hungary -- Disturbing cell phone video appears to show migrants at the main refugee camp in Hungary being fed like a herd of caged animals in a holding pen.

Hungarian police in surgical masks and riot helmets chuck sandwiches into the crowd of desperate migrants fighting one another for food.

The Hungarian authorities present a very different picture; providing government handout video that shows police distributing food to migrants in an orderly fashion.

But CBS News correspondent Charlie D'Agata says in reality, there's nothing orderly about the way the thousands of migrants who have flooded into Hungary are treated, from the moment they step foot into the country.

D'Agata and his team watched Friday morning as police tried to clear out a tent city of migrants, ushering them onto buses.

In the mud, chaos and confusion, nobody knew where they're going -- or what awaited them when they got there.

CBS News -- like other media organizations - has not been allowed inside the sprawling detention centers at the Hungarian border.

But one man told D'Agata conditions were so bad he and his family had to drink water out of the toilet.

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D'Agata says volunteers and aid workers have helped pick up the slack, providing hot meals, clean clothing and a warm welcome. They've offered a chance for some to trade in the flip flops that got them this far, for boots better suited to the new terrain -- and the weather.

Volunteer David Wade said he welcomes President Obama's offer to take in 10,000 Syrian refugees, but he also put that figure into perspective.

"In the last three days you've had 10,000 through this border," he told D'Agata. "That says it all."