Passenger detained in Honolulu after causing disturbance on flight

Last Updated May 19, 2017 8:58 PM EDT

A passenger was detained in Honolulu Friday after a disturbance during a flight from Los Angeles, the Department of Homeland Security confirmed in a statement.

American Airlines confirmed in a statement that law enforcement officers board American Airlines Flight 31 due to a "passenger disturbance." The flight landed safely at 11:35 a.m., American Airlines said. In a statement, the FBI confirmed that a disturbance occured on the flight.   

LAX police identified the man as Anil Uskanil, CBS News' Kris Van Cleave reports.  

CBS News has learned Uskanil was taken into FBI custody is the same as a 25-year-old who opened a secured door at LAX hours earlier. Airport police determined he had been drinking, but he did not meet the criteria for being drunk in public, LAX police said. He was arrested for misdemeanor trespassing, cited, given a pending court date and released from custody. He was then screened and passed through security. 

Sources told CBS affiliate KGMB that a man tried to break through the cockpit door. The TSA and the FBI said the passenger became belligerent on board and was subdued by an airline employee and an off-duty Honolulu police officer, Van Cleave reports.

The plane was escorted into Honolulu by two F-22 fighter jets. 

 An Instagram user also uploaded a video of the incident, writing that "someone tried to break into the cockpit on my flight from LA to Honolulu. We were greeted by the FBI."

There were 181 passengers and six crew members, American Airlines told the Associated Press. She was not aware of injuries.