Dispute over dirty laundry - literally - likely led to fatal shooting, say Md. police

Dante Woods
CBS Baltimore
(CBS) TOWSON, Md.- A man has been arrested in Baltimore County for fatally shooting a family acquaintance after an apparent argument over dirty laundry, CBS Baltimore reports.

Twenty-two-year-old Dante Woods is behind bars charged with first-degree murder in the killing of Donte Stephens, whose body was found in an overturned car in Rodgers Forge.

According to police, Stephens had been shot multiple times before the car crashed, CBS Baltimore reported.

Police say Woods, an acquaintance of Stephens' girlfriend's daughter, brought clothes to the house to be washed.

Stephens objected and Woods became very furious.

A few days later Stephens was killed.

Woods is being held without bail.