Disorder South Of The Border

If you havenÂ't thought lately about Mexico, the United States, illegal immigration and drug trafficking, you may want to think seriously about doing so.

The situation along the long U.S. border with our neighbors in Mexico, as regards both illegal immigrants and drug trafficking, is, in a word, terrible.

Despite the best efforts of some dedicated, brave political leaders and law enforcement people on both sides of the border, the situation is getting worse -- especially in regard to drug trafficking. Mexico is not yet, in the considered judgment of most people who know the situation best, a narco-terrorist state. Indeed it may be not very close to that, in reality. However, Mexico has become worse, not better as a center of drug trafficking, and the kidnapping and murder regularly associated with huge drug trade.

The situation is at its worst in northern Mexico. Drug thugs control much of the Mexican side of the Rio Grade. ThatÂ's a fact. And they have their way more than we like to acknowledge on the U.S. side.

There are such tremendous sums of money involved in the narcotics trade that, in a poor country such as Mexico, the corrupting influence, deep and abiding, is staggering.