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Discovering The Passion Of The Tango

When passion hits the dance floor, it's called Tango.

His face on hers, her hands in his, two bodies moving as one…

Dance student Madeline Von Forester described the feeling to CBS News correspondent Bianca Solorzano.

"If you've ever been snuggling with someone under 20 blankets and holding them close and feeling like you're the only two people in the world, that's what it feels like," Von Forester said.

Argentinian Mariella Franganillo has been dancing and teaching tango for two decades.

She organized a recent festival in New York which brought a thousand people from 41 countries for non-stop tango.

Franganillo says couples are silent when they dance, but they are "talking" and it's that personal connection that pulls them in.

"The tango is super creative," said Franganillo. "Like he can propose something and I can answer and he can take it and keep going. So that is very, very interesting - it's a conversation."

Beginners are taught to stop thinking and start feeling.

After her first tango lesson, Solorzano learned a little bit about the passion of the dance.

"I think we're now legally married in about 3 countries," she said to her instructor, laughing, "that's a very intimate dance."

Tango's intimacy was born in the port cities of Argentina where European immigrants combined their musical styles with an ancient African dance. Today's dancers are turning back to Argentinean tango, with its style of minimal movement and subtle expression. And the dance is still evolving.

"Tango Nuevo", or new tango, mixes non-traditional moves to tango music with touches of techno and jazz.

"The new type of tango is like a total freedom in the conversation - like you say this and I say this, and I answer you with this and you figure it out and you say something else."

And in a fast paced world, perhaps the true allure of tango is taking the time to just slow down, touch and communicate.

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