Dirty Diapers: Deadbeat Dad Smuggles Drugs in Son's Diapers

Phoenix police carry a 2-year-old boy who, after a traffic pullover, was found with a bag of meth stuffed in his diaper.

PHOENIX (CBS) Every kid has dirty diapers, but Phoenix police were shocked to discover one child's diapers stuffed with methamphetamine, according to a Phoenix television station.

The bust began as a routine traffic stop. Phoenix police pulled a man over for driving erratically, reports My Fox Phoenix. That led to a search of the man's car. They found a 2-year-old boy sitting in the backseat.

"Some actions led us to believe the child might have something stashed on him," Sgt. Benjamin Sywarungsymun told the station.

That something turned out to be a bag of methamphatime, a powerful stimulant.

"It could possibly kill the kid if he were to ingest a good amount," Sgt. Sywarungsymun said.

The father was arrested. The toddler was placed in protective custody.

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