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Dining At The Political Debate Buffet

This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.

So you didn't watch the Democrats debate on CNN last night?

Let me see; what did you miss?

Joe Biden spoke a lot louder than he usually does. That made him stand out from the crowd. For a while.

Hillary Clinton looked really good. No, she really looked terrific.

Barack Obama got off the best line of the night, addressing John Edwards and speaking about his conversion to being against the war. Obama said, "You're 4 1/2 years late."

Hmmm, what else?

Dennis Kucinich is still there. Chris Dodd from Connecticut seems nice and smart. Bill Richardson wore cowboy boots.

As for substance, well, there is something deeply dissatisfying about the format. It's like eating at a buffet line for two hours and finding yourself still famished when it's all over. It's true of the Republicans, too.

Maybe all of this is just the appetizer, a means of preparation for the real meal — and perhaps by then we will have a better idea of what we want.

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By Harry Smith

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