Dina Lohan arrested on DWI charge in New York

In this handout photo provided by the New York State Police, Dina Lohan is seen in a police booking photo after her arrest for driving while intoxicated and speeding on Sept. 12, 2013, in Oyster Bay, N.Y. Lohan was issued traffic tickets for the offenses and later released. She is scheduled to appear in court Sept. 24.
New York State Police via Getty Images

Dina Lohan is facing a drunken driving charge in New York following a traffic stop on Long Island.

State police say Lindsay Lohan's mother was stopped on Nassau County's Northern State Parkway at 11 p.m. Thursday after troopers clocked her driving at 77 mph in a 55 mph zone.

Police say she had a blood alcohol concentration at 0.20 percent. That's more than twice the legal limit in New York.

Lohan was booked, issued tickets and then released. She's due in Nassau County 1st District Court on Sept. 24.

Police say they called an ambulance and had medics examine Lohan. She complained she'd been hurt during the arrest. But they say no injuries were found.

Phone calls and emails to a lawyer and publicist who have represented Lohan in the past weren't immediately returned.

The arrest comes a month and a half after Lindsay Lohan, 27, completed a 90-day, court-ordered stay in rehab.