Dikta: Collins Needs A Woman

Kerry Collins needs a wife or a girlfriend and religion to turn his life around, in the view of his new coach, Mike Ditka.

Ditka didn't elaborate on why he thinks Collins, a bachelor, needs a girlfriend or a wife.

Ditka has taken an interest in Collins' emotional well-being and football future since the Saints claimed the quarterback on waivers from the Carolina Panthers 15 days ago.

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  • But the New Orleans Saints coach had some ideas about Collins' need for spirituality. "I want to ask him a few questions about what he thinks is important in the aspects of his life and about what he believes in," Ditka said.

    "He's got to believe in something. Is it tomorrow? The sun? The leaves and the trees? Taking walks? ... If you believe in all that stuff, then you should believe in the creator of all that stuff."

    The Saints play in Charlotte on Sunday. Collins is the team's No. 2 quarterback.

    Kerry Collins
    Kerry Collins can use all the advice he can get. (AP)

    Collins left the Panthers after he told coach Dom Capers his heart wasn't in the team and he wanted to be removed from the starting lineup, the Panthers have said. Collins denied that version and said he never thought the conversation would become public.

    Collins appeared receptive to Ditka's advice.

    b>"I appreciate his interest and I appreciate the fact that he cares," Collins said.

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